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Julia Wiklander

Hi, I’m Julia Wiklander!

I’m a social entrepreneur, strategic communicator and mentor for changemakers, with a Masters in Economics in my backpack. As the Founder of Girls’ Globe, I’ve built a global community of activists, advocates, experts and organizations working to strengthen gender equality, human rights and social justice worldwide.

I’ve had the pleasure of supporting over 100 changemakers from more than 40 countries to have a greater impact with their communications.

I know what it’s like to jump into uncertainty and follow your heart, because you know you’ve got more to give to the world. 

As seen in

Hey, I’m Markus Wiklander!

I’m an agile coach, entrepreneur, musician, and IT-innovator.
With a focus on leading teams (big and small) and using design thinking within start ups, I have a broad experience working with innovation, new business models and organizational development.

Having worked in Sydney and New York and several places in between, I love a diverse and international work life, inspired by trailblazers worldwide. 

Yes, you guessed it!
We’re not only co-founders of Grow & Redefine,
we’re life partners dedicated to creating meaning together.
We’re parents of two, working to redefine our lives to 
prioritize what matters most. 

Together we want to support you step into your full capacity and power as a Conscious Entrepreneur. 

We help you to build a powerful mindset, strategy and plan to grow your business and reach your dreams! 

How we support Conscious Entrepreneurs to

choose courage step into their power reach their goals build a sustainable business create beautiful things take the leap work smarter find freedom balance life end the hustle make a greater impact be bold be intentional care for the world

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