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3 Behaviors That Sabotage Your Business

By Julia Wiklander

Oh, wouldn’t it be nice if we always had someone to blame for things not going as we’d like? Maybe. However, the truth is that most often you are the one tripping up your own success. Here are 3 things you may be doing to sabotage your business.

Of course, you’re not trying to sabotage yourself – it’s your mindset that just trips you up… time and time again.

1. Worrying what others think of you

There are several consequences to this sabotaging mindset.

When you worry about what others think of you, you avoid ”showing up” for your potential clients or customers. You don’t push publish on content, marketing or communications that can serve the people you really want to serve. In essence, you paralyze the growth of your business and the opportunity to reach new clients.

This worry also allows you to avoid making an offer, because you’re worried others will dislike you, or that they’ll think your offer is stupid. So, instead of offering it, you don’t. The risk is that you won’t make a sale to someone you can actually support or make happy. And in essence you can’t run your business without a sale.

Now, you may even avoid starting in the first place because you’re worried about the talk it will invoke. What will the neighbours think? Side note: our neighbours follow along and like my posts on Insta, which is a very pleasant surprise – thanks Frida!

And if you allow yourself to get paralyzed by what others might think of you, you’re really telling yourself this:

“Other people’s opinions are more important than my dreams.”

It could be that you’re doing things, pushing forward despite your worries. Yet, you’re so worried about how others will perceive you and your business, that you’re stressed out, and not being your best self!

It can lead to overwhelm and mental fatigue.

2. Comparing yourself with others

Do you have comparisonitis? Ugh – it’s not a good one.

Comparing yourself to others is holding you back. Believing you can never be where you’d like to be – or where someone else is – is limiting your capacity. 

It will paralyze you from moving forward and sabotage your business.

Because, that’s what jealousy is – it’s a limiting belief that keeps you small, when really, you should be dreaming big and taking bold, strategic action towards your goals. 

It’s a habit that affects all aspects of your life – because you don’t believe there is room for you – or you don’t believe that you’re good enough.

Comparisonitis can stem from imposter syndrome or feeling like a fraud. It’s a habit and a mindset that will severely limit your ability to grow your business.

3. Blaming others for your failure/lack of success

Oh uh… this is a bad one. If you see all the reasons that you’ve failed – and none of them have to do with you, then you better take a second look.

It’s so easy to find something to blame when things aren’t going your way.

“I don’t have supportive friends.”

“My parents don’t believe I can do it.”

“The VC’s just don’t see what I’ve built.”

“There is so much red tape.”

“The system is wrong.”

Whatever you’re blaming for your inability to reach your goals is not the real problem – it’s that you’re blaming something else.

I’m not saying that there won’t be hardships. And I’m not ignoring the fact that there are sometimes other things that happen and trip up your success.

However, if you’re in a constant blame game, you’re limiting your own capacity to grow and redefine your life by what matters most – because you’re not prioritizing your self growth at all.

What you need to know about your sabotaging behavior.

If you’ve felt triggered or if you recognize any of the behaviors I’ve mentioned, please know this:

  1. You’re already taking leaps forward towards your goals! Why? you may ask. Here’s the silver lining: Awareness is the very first and BIGGEST step towards change!
  2. You’re not alone! Everyone has sabotaging behavior… even after years in business and at every level of success.
  3. It’s worth working on! When you start working on your mindset you’ll see amazing results in your business. If you feel ready to start doing the work and laying an amazing foundation for your business, consider joining our 5 Week Foundation Program.

Once you’re aware of how you sabotage your business, you can begin reframing your limiting beliefs. Your sabotage can be transformed into fuel to create flow and freedom as a conscious entrepreneur.

For us, being a conscious entrepreneur is more than caring about people and planet. It’s about being conscious about who you are and how you can be your best self. Because when we are, that’s when we can truly make an impact with our business and our lives.

Get more support to prioritize what matters most with our free guide – Design Your Day: 5 Shifts to Go from Overwhelmed to Focused.

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Julia Wiklander

Julia Wiklander

I’m the co-founder of Grow & Redefine and founder of Girls’ Globe, a social entrepreneur and risk-taker open to growing and redefining what our lives can be.
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