Grow & Redefine Conscious Entrepreneurship Course

Learn how to GROW & REDEFINE your business (and life) by what matters most and make a greater impact

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Whether you've had your own business for a while or planning of starting one, this program was designed with you in mind.
You're a solopreneur with big dreams to make an impact with your life!

Startup Founders

You started a business with a passion to solve a problem. Maybe you've hired a small team and received initial funding. This program is designed to support the founders of early-stage startups.

Startup incubators

Offer this program to the founders of early-stage startups that you support - and help them lay a conscious and sustainable foundation to grow their business and make a greater impact!

Are you caught in
the entrepreneurial trap?

You care deeply about others and the world around you, and you know that you’re meant for more!

You dream of a business and life that’s defined by what truly matters to you. 

One of your goals in life is to be your own boss, to create more freedom to do what you love and live with purpose.

Yet, as an entrepreneur, you just haven’t succeeded in building that sustainable business that will give you freedom and make a big impact for others.

You find yourself working so hard that you’re on the verge of giving up – wondering if you’re cut out for it. 

It feels like you’re on a constant rollercoaster of stress and overwhelm, juggling everything in your life and business.

You worry that your work is going unnoticed and isn’t reaching the right people.

Working pretty much alone in your business drains the energy out of you, trying to keep up with all your to-do’s (not even mentioning all the marketing and communications needed in this digital age). You struggle with consistency in your business – doing too much ad hoc.

How do you even begin to find enough time in your day for what matters most to you?

We've got something to tell you!

Focus, Flow, Freedom and Impact
is waiting for you

Are you ready to…

step into your fullest potential as a Conscious Entrepreneur?

stop comparing yourself to others and instead leverage your unique strengths?

quit the overwhelm with your to-do list and embrace easy prioritization and flow?

say no to financial stress and yes to clarity in how to grow your business sustainably?

leave confusion behind and instead take consistent action aligned with what matters most to you? 

When you align your business foundation with who YOU are and what matters most to YOU, you’ll see that the life and business you’re dreaming of
is, in fact, possible!

You're not alone.
We know exactly how it feels.

We know what it’s like to dive into the deep end with your business and life. 

Our entrepreneurial journey has really been about building a life with more time for our family, friends and each other – while making a positive impact in the world.

We’ve been working as entrepreneurs since 2009 – and it hasn’t been a straightforward path. We’ve learned so much the hard way. And all along, we’ve had kids, traveled the world, got a “real job”, bought a house, pivoted, rebranded, and grown professionally. 

A lot of the work we’ve done has been led by our gut feeling and learning by doing. It took us quite some time to really invest in our own learning and skills. Now, we’ve bought courses and invested in coaches for thousands of dollars. 

Today our work is aligned with our dreams, goals and who we are as individuals. We’ve cracked the code to build a business that’s fun and flows – creating value with ease.

With our joint experience with entrepreneurship, Julia’s expertise in impactful communications, and Markus’ experience as an agile business coach – we’re here to support you! 

We created this program to help you build a sustainable foundation for your business and life as an entrepreneur – free from stress and overwhelm.

Because we truly believe that you deserve to live your life as an entrepreneur to your fullest potential – and we want to help you do just that.

Our Bootcamp supports you to become a Conscious Entrepreneur and build a powerful business and communications strategy that’s aligned with your personal values. 

Julia & Markus of Grow & Redefine by the sunset. Cover image for 5 Parts to Being a Conscious Entrepreneur

We’re determined to support you to create a business that makes a big impact in the world – and in your life. 

with support,
Julia & Markus 

P.S. Find out more about us here

As a participant in Grow & Redefine's Conscious Entrepreneurship Course you will

  • Get support to create a business that’s a sustainable part of your life, without competing with the people and things you love.

  • Gain clarity around your personal mission and business strategy to eradicate useless tasks from your to-do list.

  • Learn how to connect with your ideal clients to grow your business with ease.

  • Get the tools to prioritize your work effectively, eliminating stress and overwhelm.

  • Understand your unique strengths and connect with your authentic voice to build a business that really matters.

  • Build your confidence as an entrepreneur, knowing that you’re focusing on what matters most.

  • Build a solid foundation for you business and move forward consistently, while staying aligned with who YOU are and your personal values.

Program Details


Program Structure

This is a 5 week online course program that you can complete at your own pace. You will receive one module weekly, including 2-3 lessons. The course requires about 3-4 hours of your time per week.

Each lesson includes a video and a work guide to help you take real action and build a sustainable foundation for your business (and life)!

Module 1: Align Your Foundation

Get clear on what matters most to you in your life and what makes you unique – to build a strong foundation for your business that is in alignment with your personal values.

Module 2: Audit your Mindset

Build a powerful mindset by creating congruence with who you are. Understand your sabotages, overcome negative thought patterns and create easy routines to keep you working with ease and flow.

Module 3: Business Fundamentals

Review the most important aspects of your business to strengthen the impact your business will have for others (and yourself!). Understand your business model, ideal client and your sales strategy.

Module 4: Impactful Storytelling

Get the tools to consistently make a strong impact with your communications and marketing in a digital world – without needing to be everywhere, all the time. Define your unique and impactful stories that inspire your ideal clients to take action.

Module 5: Strategy for Success

Build a strategy to consistently take you forward while staying grounded in what matters most for you and your business. Learn how to strategize and plan using the most efficient methods for entrepreneurs.

You also get these BONUSES to step into your best self as a Conscious Entrepreneur


Get our breakthrough strategy for conscious entrepreneurs – to keep you consistently taking action towards your goals, without the stress and overwhelm.

Lifetime access to new bonuses

When you enroll in the Grow & Redefine Bootcamp, you gain lifetime access to the program itself and any revisions and new bonuses added in the future.

It’s really easy to get started.

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Once you’ve paid the program fee, you’ll be redirected to the Welcome Page and receive an email receipt and a welcome email with clear instructions of how to access the program.

We hope to see you inside!

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Meet Your Instructors

Julia Wiklander

Julia Wiklander

Julia is a social entrepreneur, writer and strategic communicator. She has helped over 100 changemakers, social entrepreneurs and organizations find clarity and make a greater impact in a digital world.

As an advocate for everyone’s ability to make an impact, Julia has been invited to speak on large and small stages from New York to South Africa. Her writing has been featured on HuffPost, Thrive Global, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Blog and of course, Girls’ Globe.

Julia is the founder of Girls’ Globe, a global media platform with a membership of activists, advocates, experts and organizations working to strengthen gender equality, human rights and social justice worldwide. 

Prior to her journey as a social entrepreneur, Julia worked in international development and strategic procurement within the United Nations. She has a Masters of Economics in her backpack. With experience living in four continents, Julia is a true global citizen. 

As a mother of two young children, Julia has navigated the tricky landscape of motherhood and entrepreneurship. She’s an advocate for gender equality, human rights and self care.

With a passion to help people define and live in their creative and entrepreneurial calling, Julia brings a wealth of strategic thinking, personal experience and a huge heart to the Grow & Redefine Bootcamp.

Julia will be your main instructor for this program and hosts modules 1-4.

Markus Wiklander

Markus is an agile coach, entrepreneur, musician, and IT-innovator. With a background using design thinking within start ups, Markus has broad experience working with innovation, new business models and organizational development.

In his daily work, he coaches leaders and teams (big and small) with business and product development. He helps them to strategically take aligned action towards their vision and goals. 

Markus has experience working with IT-development as a project manager in a corporate setting, and as the founder of Emues – an IT startup that develops services and alternative business models within the live music industry.

He holds a Masters’ Degree in e-Business Technologies from University of Sydney, and a Bachelor in Computer Science from Malmö University.

Markus enjoys international environments, and has experience working in Sweden, New York, Sydney, Beijing, Singapore, and Rome – and has worked with and managed teams in Sweden, India, Brazil and Japan.

Markus hosts Module 5. 

It's your time to Grow & Redefine your life (and business) by what matters most!

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