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If you have big dreams to create a life and business defined by what matters most - you’re in the right place!

Whatever your dreams may be – we know that you have something that’s beating in your heart, telling you that you’re meant for more! 

You know that you can accomplish big things – but sometimes you trip yourself up, because you just don’t know how to move forward. 

Whether you’ve started a business or aspiring to do so, we’re here to support you. 


Are You Ready to Consistently Move Towards Your Dreams?

There is a way for you to reach your goals with ease and flow, even if you find yourself frustrated that you haven’t reached your goals in the past!

It’s all about being more aligned with who you REALLY are. 

With small mindset shifts you can set good habits and routines that will keep you motivated to consistently work towards your goals – even if it’s been hard to do so in the past. 

It’s YOUR time to go

  • from overwhelm and stress to ease and flow

  • from procrastinating to consistent action

  • from imposter syndrome to alignment with who you really are!

In this free challenge, we’ll walk you through our breakthrough strategy for conscious entrepreneurs – to keep you consistently taking action towards your goals, without the stress and overwhelm. 

What you'll get with our
Goal Setting Challenge for Conscious Entrepreneurs.

  • Get clarity around your big goals – because we know you’ve got them!

  • Uncover your inner sabotages that have held you back in the past – and may still haunt you.
  • Get the tools to move forward, even when things get tough.


We are SO excited to share this with you – because we really believe that it will help you to move forward in building the life and business you’re dreaming about. 

We want to offer you these tools to make a massive change in your life, business and the world. 

This Breakthrough Strategy to Consistently Move Towards Your Dreams will only be available for a limited time! 

You deserve to live to your fullest potential. 

So, are you ready to take your dreams and goals seriously - and make amazing progress in your business and life?

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The world needs more conscious entrepreneurs living to their fullest potential. 

It’s your time to grow and redefine your life and business by what matters most!

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– Julia & Markus 


Julia Wiklander

My name is Julia Wiklander. 

I’m an entrepreneur and strategic communicator. 

In the past couple of years I’ve helped over a hundred changemakers, entrepreneurs and organizations from more than 40 countries find clarity in their work and make a greater impact in a digital world. 

Our journey as entrepreneurs has largely been driven by our desire for more time with our kids, to enjoy life – and the ability to work creatively with something meaningful. 

Most of the business advice we’ve received in the past has been about working hard, hustling 24/7. 

No break, just business. 

This is the kind of advice we still see everywhere – but it’s deeply flawed. 

For us, success is about being in control of our time, our growth and the value we create to the people and the world around us. 

After a decade of our entrepreneurial journey, and thousands of dollars invested in courses and coaches, we’ve built a strategy that helps us stay on track! 

We’re so excited to share this with you. 

I’m Markus Wiklander – an agile business coach and entrepreneur. 

In my daily work, I coach leaders and teams with business and product development. I help them to strategically take aligned action towards their vision and goals. 

This combined with a background in the startup world and creative sectors  – I’ve gained valuable experience to support you on your journey as an entrepreneur with big dreams.

Together, Julia and I are the mentors and founders behind Grow & Redefine. We’re married, with two small children and live in southern Sweden.

But this isn’t about us… it’s about you! 

We’re here to support you to build a life and business defined by what matters most. 

Whether you’ve started a business already, or always dreamed of doing so, this goal setting challenge is for you! 

We’ll support you to not only consistently take action towards your goals, but to do it with ease! 

We hope you’re ready to grow and redefine your life by what matters most! 

Your time is now!