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Why Visualization is Good for You and Your Business

By Julia Wiklander

I remember when I was in elementary school, standing with a basketball tight in my hands. The hoop was high up in front of me. I was nervous. I didn’t want to fail. My P.E. teacher told me to breathe and see myself throw the ball in the hoop. He told me to believe in my ability to do it – because if I did, I would be more inclined to actually succeed with scoring a point. This was my first encounter with visualization.

That memory has stayed with me for a very long time. Still today, I think about it when I stand in front of mounting challenges. It can be small stuff like holding a basketball, or it can be bigger things like launching a new business.

Now, that can seem like an overly naive and optimistic way of thinking – but the power of visualization when it comes to reaching your goals is actually crazy! 

Visualization can reprogram your brain.

Our brains use the Reticular Activating System all the time. It filters information based on our memories and past experiences and helps us to succeed or fail. When you visualize your mind creates a new memory.

“Your brain doesn’t know the difference between bad memories and new memories you create.” – says serial entrepreneur and speaker Mel Robbins.

All you have to do is close your eyes and breathe.

Visualize yourself reaching your goal. Think about what that looks like (try to get specific) and especially how it would make you feel. Feel it in your body.

When you’ve created a new memory your brain will have more information to use to see the world. The reticular activating system will confirm your own beliefs (also known as confirmation bias).

The more you visualize and ground yourself in believing that you are able to reach your goals, the more you’ll see opportunities. You will also strengthen your skills just by believing that you’re capable. You’ll reprogram your brain to overcome challenges that seemed too big to conquer before.

Therefore, you actually have the power to create powerful new memories that will in essence reprogram your brain!

As entrepreneurs, we’ve got lots of challenges.

It’s lonely starting a business. It’s difficult managing everyone’s opinions and advice. Being an entrepreneur is tough. That’s why we need to get serious about self care – including believing in ourselves.

Because, seriously, starting a business can feel like you’re throwing yourself off a cliff. Sometimes it feels like you need to confidence of a superhero.

Visualization can become an important part of your self care toolkit as an entrepreneur. It will not only help you stand up tall and shake off negativity quicker, it will also be a way for you to reach your business goals with more ease.

We can use visualization in several aspects of our lives.

So, use this amazing tool for just 30 seconds every day for the next few weeks! Try it out and let me know how it makes your feel.

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Julia Wiklander

Julia Wiklander

I’m the co-founder of Grow & Redefine and founder of Girls’ Globe, a social entrepreneur and risk-taker open to growing and redefining what our lives can be.
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